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MAXINN Corporate Services has been following the process of supplying natural plant and spice varieties grown in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, especially around Isparta, Antalya and Denizli since 2011, up to the procurement, processing and delivery in line with customer demands in modern facilities. It continues its domestic success by exporting to different countries of the world.


Customer Policy

We see our customers as our partners on the way to mutually satisfying business. When it comes to customer service, we truly believe that honesty is the best policy. As the industry we work in is fast-changing, we are always open and flexible to meeting the demands of our customers and strive to effectively organize our business strategy individually.


2019 is an important year for us as there are incredible changes in our business structure, which we believe will broaden our business horizons and promote new opportunities. We are happy to indroduce to you 3 oil distillation factories located in Turkey, China and India. One of them specializes in oil distillation, another one in gum turpentine derivatives processing and extraction, and finally there is one specializing in fine chemicals manufacturing.


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